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Some of the Rewards:
  1. A user can add a genuine business nearby to the Urivu site and earn upto 50 USD per day,
  2. Similarly a user can send friend request and earn incentive in 100’s of USD,
  3. You can boost a review by simply living an upvote and earn upto 50 USD per day
  4. A user can share a listing via social media and earn incentive
  5. A user just rating or writing a descriptive review or writing review with video or photos can make 1000’s of USD everyday

9 ways

to make Money!


Super Easy Ways to earn through Urivu.

1. Write Reviews

Write reviews for your favourite places and earn 3 USD for every 100 reviews

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2. Video Reviews

Add reviews with video and earn 1 USD for every 10 video reviews

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3. Give Ratings

Give ratings withour any reviews and earn 1 USD for every 100 such ratings

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4. Like Reviews

Reward reviews by liking them and earn 1 USD for every 100 likes

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5. Review Comments

Add comments to the reviews and earn 1 USD for every 100 comments

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6. Refer your Friends

Refer your friends and earn 1 USD for every successful referral

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7. Add Business Listing

Add any new business listing on Urivu earn 0.2 USD for every successful submission

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8. Edit a Business Listing

Suggest edits to business listings and earn 0.5 USD for every 10 successful edits

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9. Send a Friend Request

Send a Friend Request and earn 1 USD for every 100 successful requests

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Business Listings to Review from!

About Urivu

Urivu.com is the world’s first site that allowes users to make money for their contribution to the site, the objective of Urivu is to help average shoppers with genuine reviews. There are thousands’s of website across the globe that offers fake reviews, but at Urivu, genuine and trust worthy reviews matters the most. In order to encourage genuine reviews Urivu offers incentive to users to write their genuine experience with the businesses worldwide.

Urivu encourages users to add business listing or writing reviews across thousands of categories like restaurants, Laundary, handymans, plumbers, contractors, technician and various other day-to-day interaction with real life helpers. Urivu users are encouraged to add their genuine experience and share with other users who are planning to use similar services.

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